Commercial Shipping

ShippingMyGoods.Com specializes in shipping commercial freight to all corners of the world.  Whether you’re shipping a few boxes of perfume to France, a pallet of computers to India, a container of building supplies to New Zealand, or an entire orange grove to Colombia, our team of professionals will happily assist you every step of the way in order to provide your with the most cost effective and time efficient method to ship your goods overseas.  

We will keep you informed and updated throughout the entire shipping process while providing you with the upmost customer service.

Preferential Rates: As a licensed NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and Freight Forwarder, ShippingMyGoods.Com, has secured preferential contract rates with most of the major shipping lines.  This in turn allows us to provide you with the most cost-efficient options to ship your products overseas.  We will work with you directly in determining the best method to transport your goods, thus enabling you or your company to maximize your profits while keeping your customers satisfied.  Whether you’re shipping door to door or picking up your goods at the port, we will assist you throughout the entire shipping process to ensure you keep coming back to us as a happy customer. 

Break Bulk Cargo:   ShippingMyGoods.Com is fully equipped to handle break Bulk cargo.  Break Bulk is the shipping term that refers to goods that are too big to fit inside an ocean container and that must be loaded onto the ship individually.    Examples of Break Bulk cargo include yachts, cranes, holding tanks or anything that will require special handling and loading procedures,  due to the fact that it will not inside a container.  Please contact one of our shipping specialists if you are in need of sipping break bulk cargo.